Payments + Loyalty

Integrate direct payments with rewards and start paying back your loyal customers instead of expensive CNP fees.
  • Use your rewards platform or one of our partners
  • Add bank payments to mobile POS applications
  • Save up to 200 basis points per online transaction
  • Incentivize shopping behavior with cash rewards
Loyalty Rewards

Bank Verification

Proprietary bank account intelligence that prevents returned transactions.

Account Validation

Validate an account as open and active with a positive balance before initiating a transaction.


ACH Clear Rate

Improves success rate for ACH origination by more than 40%.


Overall Returns

Prevent up to 50% of returns from ever occurring.

Funds Verification

Verify that an account is open and that a specific dollar amount is currently available before transacting.


Admin Returns

Reduce administrative and invalid account returns to less than 0.5%.


Overdraft Fees

Stop up to $140 in overdraft fees when funds aren't available.

Web Payments Platform

Fully customizable, white-labeled payments platform to accept and manage payments, donations, and bills
  • Standalone website or embedded into your current site
  • Process recurring, one-time, and scheduled payments
  • Mobile friendly - works on any screen size
  • Little to no integration work!

Remote Check Deposit

Streamline check processing with our remote check deposit software - LeapDeposit
  • No change to your existing banking relationship
  • Deposit consumer, business, money orders, and more
  • Receive your funds quickly with simple reconciliation
  • Enjoy straightforward pricing to improve ROI

BounceBack Recovery

A complete recovery solution for returned check and ACH transactions.

Smart Re-Presentment

Account balances are monitored daily and re-presentment is made only when funds are available, protecting your customer from excessive bank fees.

Traditional Collections

The Frog Team partners with many of the industry's top collection companies to offer a seamless, technology-driven recovery process for closed accounts.

Complete Oversight

Intuitive online reporting helps simplify the reconciliation of returns while our live client service team is available to answer all of your questions.

Risk Management

Protect your business wih real-time technology and transact with confidence.

KYC and Compliance

Real-time identity and KYC verification solutions

Payment Verification

Validate payment credentials before acceptance

Risk Control

Stop suspicions transactions in their tracks