Process through multiple networks with one API


Automated Clearing House

The ACH Network is the center of commerce in the U.S., moving money and information between accounts through Direct Deposit and Direct Payment.


Bank Mobile Payments

A mobile payments platform from the top U.S. banks and credit unions allows for funds to be sent within minutes from one person's bank account to another.


Real-Time Payments

The Clearing House's RTP system empowers consumers and businesses to send and receive payments instantly from their bank accounts.

Customers expect to transact from their bank accounts

Payments Procesing Statistics Payments Procesing Statistics

Boost recurring payment programs

Use direct bank payments to reduce card declines and churn rates.


Fewer Declines

Less than 1% of recurring bank account debits are returned while 3-5% of CNP payments are declined regularly. Save your customers from a poor experience and convert to direct bank payments.


Lower Churn Rates

Many declined payments turn into involuntary churn when customers don't update their payment data. Stop involuntary churn in its tracks by trimming declined CNP payments.

Build a flexible payment model

Bank Agnostic

Process payments through our bank partners or let the Frog team integrate directly with your financial institution.

ROI & Settlement

Choose from a host of enrollment, risk, and settlement options that best fit your brand's preferences for user experience.

User Experience

Combine real-time, same-day, and traditional payment networks for a tailored experience that exceeds all customer expectations.

Compliance you can trust

AAP Oversight

On-staff Accredited ACH Professionals (AAP) provide guidance with NACHA, CFPB, and other regulatory rules to remain compliant while industry-leading KYC verifications ensure you do business with the right customers.


Overdraft Free

Prevent overdrafts before they happen.

New User Payments

Users with little to no transaction history are more susceptible to returned payments.

High-Risk Dates

Overdraft trends show that specific pay dates may be more prone to returns than others.

History of Returns

Users with a history of returned payments are monitored closely to prevent new overdrafts.

Seasonal Overdraft Trends

Seasonal Overdraft Trends

Based on our 20 years of payment experience, consumers suffer a surge in overdrafts due to insufficient funds after the end-of-year holidays and before school begins.

White-labeled for any environment



Transact and immediately settle funds to an account 24/7/365.



Debit and credit accounts with settlement on same business day.



Authorize a payment in real-time and transact with confidence.



Enroll bank accounts instantly and schedule ongoing payments.