Online Bank Login

It's really this easy to link a bank account.

Select Bank

Select Bank

Choose from a list of top financial institutions to authorize account.



User logs into bank’s secure portal and answers security questions.

Link Account

Link Account

User chooses the bank account to perform ACH transaction.

Easy to remember, easier to pay

More than two-thirds of account holders use online and mobile banking regularly.
Consumers use online banking
Millenials use mobile banking

What if a bank doesn't support online login?

No problem. Our API still links and authorizes the account in real-time.

Manual Entry

Enter Account & Routing #

Verify Bank Credentials

Authenticate User Identity

Real-Time Integration

Mobile Check Capture

Mobile App Integration

Snap Photo of a Check

Auto-Populates Check Data

Real-Time Integration

Limit Micro Deposits

Bad User Experience

Requires Additional Steps

High Abandonment Rate

Excessive User Friction

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Connect to a host of real-time risk verifications based on your transaction needs to transact without fear.






Security you can trust


All login credentials are tokenized upon enrollment in order to minimize security risks for you and your customers.

Bank Direct

Our direct bank API connection allows for safe, secure transactions instead of unsecure screen scraping.


All data, both personal and financial, is encrypted with full bank-level 256-bit encryption.

Secure Storage

Your data is stored in a SOC2 audited facility to prohibit fraudulent and unauthorized access.