“Treat all people exactly how you would want to be treated and back it up with authentic business practices.”

The quote above are words of wisdom from our mentor, Dr. Marla Oberhausen. And she was right. That’s how we became known for making payments processing affordable, safe, and hassle-free. And by building smart, reliable solutions around the needs of our clients and their customers, we create the lasting partnerships that drive our innovation.

So there you have it. It turns out, listening to our clients and offering them the same honest, reliable service they give their own customers every day is a good business plan.

What makes us different?

In 1998, the payments industry underwent a revolution as retailers struggled to keep their customers happy while staying profitable in payments. Our founders, Di and Kasey Princell, saw an opportunity to not only make Cash Flow an industry leader, but to also set us apart from the competition with these guiding principles.

Our Niche

Partnering with businesses that want to make their payments more profitable using technology, while also honoring their customer base and its loyalty

Our Team

Developing teammates who are smart, motivated, and passionate about delivering comprehensive solutions that evolve with our clients’ changing needs

Our Goal

To become a role model for the electronic payments industry by providing smart customer-focused solutions backed by an innovative team and a spotless reputation

Why the frog?

Why the Frog

Cash Flow Solutions was created in 1998, as an innovative provider of electronic payments for merchants nationwide. The essence of the electronic process is easy: money is debited from one bank account and credited into another. Our staff used the term debit and credit so frequently, it started to become a chant... "DEB-IT" and "CRED-IT". Soon the chant turned into a croak and our frog Obie was hatched. We quickly became known in the payments industry as The Frog Company!

Trusted By

National Grocers Association
Professional Photographers of America
Unified Grocers
National Real Estate Investors Association
Ohio Grocers Association
The Christian Booksellers Association
Bluefin Payment Systems
Professional Photographers of Ohio
Desktop Digital Lab
Miami University
PhotoLynx Flow
Marco Photo Service
Professional Photographers of Indiana
American Society of Photographers
E-Card Transactions
Portrait EFX
Credit International Corporation
Associated Professional Photographers of Illinois
Kentucky Professional Photographers Association